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Welcome to The Korean Society of Wood Science and Technology (KSWST)!

The KSWST is a non-profit organization that has been served for about fifty years as a leading society in making contribution in sharing activities and communications on academic, research, science and technologies by holding spring and fall annual meeting, seminars, conference or forums on Wood Science and Engineering or Forest Products Technologies for more than 500 members. In addition, the KSWST is also continuously working on making progress in academic, technological and industrial advancement in Wood Science and Engineering.

As renewable bioresources, wood and wood-based materials are very important in the process of transition from carbon-based economy to bioeconomy in advancing to the carbon-neutral society in a response to the climate change caused by petroleum or petro-chemicals that have been used for more than fifty years. The KSWST is doing pivotal role by providing a communication field in making progress on new knowledge and cutting technologies on the use and extended application of wood and wood-based products via sharing research and technology for the members. The KSWST is always open to non-member professionals who are involved on Wood Science and Engineering, and expecting to welcome as a new member of the society.

The KSWST are always expecting a continuous support from the members for making the society better and sustainable.

Sincerely yours
Byung-Dae Park